Electrosensitivity websites

ANRES (Australia)

Associazone Amica (Italy)

Associazone Italiana Elettrosensibili (Italy)
Bioinitiative 2012, section 24.F (ES references)

C4ST (ES stories)

Careless Science (Dr Igor Yakymenko)

Cellular Phone Task Force (USA)

Citizens for Safe Technology (EHS)

EHS & MCS: Research and Treatment European Group (ARTAC, France)

EHS Action

EHS Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines (Austrian Medical Association)

Electrical Hypersensitivity (Powerwatch articles)

Electrical Sensitivity (UK, Dr Myhill)

Electromagnetic (Hyper) Sensitivity (Wikidot)

ElectricSense (Lloyd Burrell)

Electromagnetic Health

Electromagnetic Man

Electrosensibles por el Derecho a la Salud (Spain)

Electro-sensitivity Forum

Electrosensitivity in Ireland (IERVN) (ireland)

ElectroSensitivity UK (ES-UK)

EMF Analysis (EHS)

EMF Conductor (Elizabeth Maxim)

EMF Summit (Alison Heath)

Environmental Health Association of Canada

Environmental Health Trust (USA, Dr Devra Davis)


FEB (Swedish Association for EHS) (Swedish)

FELO Foreningen for eloverfølsomhet (Norway)

h.e.s.e. Project UK (EHS)

Jolie Talks (Jolie Jones)

MCS America (US, May 2012)

MCS-Aware (UK)

Next-Up (French)

NoRad4U (Israel)

Olga Sheean

Parents For Safe Technology (USA)

PECCEM (Spain)

RESQ (Le Rassemblement ÉlectroSensibilité Québec) (Canada)

Safer Wireless Technology (EHS) (New Zealand)

Stichting EHS (Netherlands)

Switch2Safe (EHS)

The Environmental Illness Resource: Electrical Sensitivity (Matthew Hogg, UK)

Understanding EMFs: Electrohypersensitivity (Cece Douette, Ashland MA, US)

Une terre pour les EHS (France)

Verein Für Elektrosensible Und Mobilfunkgeschädigte E.V. (Germany)

WATE (We Are The Evidence) (USA)

WaveGoodBye (ES, John Jamieson, UK)

Weep (Canada, EHS, by Beau Binder, Anna Jonsson)

Weep (Canada, Living with EHS, by Susan Parsons)

Wi-Fi Refuge (Germany)

EHS and Environmental Centers of Excellence

Australia: Electromedicine Clinic & Research Lab, Frankston, Victoria

Dallas: Environmental Health Center

England: Hemel Hempstead: Breakspear Medical

Moscow: Center for Electromagnetic Safety

Ontario Center of Excellence in Envirnonmental Health

Paris: ARTAC: Electrosensibiles

Toronto: Women's College Hospital: Environmental Health Clinic

Electrosensitivity websites: personal experiences

Being Electrosensitive (in a microwaved world) (Facebook Public Group, Dave Ashton, UK)

Beyond the van (Richard Kimberley, UK)

Burnt by a phone mast? (Diana Boughton, UK)

We Are The Evidence (Dafna Tachover, USA, Israel)

Facebook etc.: Electrosensitivy Groups

Being Electrosensitive (in a microwaved world) (Facebook Public Group, Dave Ashton, UK)

Electro-sensitivity Forum... (Facebook Group, Linnet Workman)

Electrical Sensitivity Support Group (Facebook Group)

ES (Electrical Sensitivity) Discussion Group (es-forum, Marc Martin, formerly eSens Yahoo Group)

EM information (general) websites

Bioinitiative (2012)

C4ST (Canada)

Careless Science (Dr Igor Yakymenko)

Cellular Phone Task Force (USA)

Centre for Safer Wireless (Virginia, USA)

Dr Magda Havas (Canada)

ECERI (European Cancer and Environment Research Institute)

Electromagnetic Radiation Research Foundation of South Africa

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety (Facebook)

EMFacts (Australia)

EMF Safety Network (USA)

EMF Safety Zone  (Education and Protection)

EMF Solutions (UK)

emfwise (USA)

EMR Aware (Australia)

EMR Health Alliance of BC (Canada)
Gigaherz (Switzerland)

ICEMS (International Commission for ElectroMagnetic Safety)

IEMFA (International EMF Alliance)

International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology (USA) 

Kompetenzinitiative (Germany)
Just Prove It (US)

Means for Change (US)

Microwave News (US)

National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST) (USA)



Powerwatch (UK)

Radiation Education (for kids, by kids)

RFSafe (John Coates, USA)

Robin des Toits (France)

RRT (Radiation Research Trust)

Scientists For Wired Technology (S4WT) (USA)

Tuberose: Electromagnetic Fields (USA)

Towards Better Health (Switzerland)

Wi-Cancer (USA)

Wireless Action (USA)

Wireless Education: Safe Schools, Healthy Workplaces (USA)

Wireless Education Action (USA)

Wireless Right To Know (USA)

Wiser Wireless Wales (Wales, UK)

EM Scientists' Blogs and Websites

A blog about environmental and health related research (Prof. Lennart Hardell)

Andrew Marino's Home Page (Prof Andrew Marino)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski)

Dr Magda Havas

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety (Dr. Joel Moskowitz)

Children and WiFi in Schools websites

Kawartha Safe Technology Initiative (Canada)

National Association for Children and Safe Technology (US)

Parents Against WiFi in School (Facebook)

Parents for Safe Schools (Canada)

Parents For Safe Technology (USA)

RF/EMF (Petaluma School District, CA)

Safe in School

Safe School Committee (Canada)

Safe Schools Information Technology Alliance (UK)

Safe Tech for Schools Maryland (US)

School Radiation (Canada)

The BabySafe Project (US)

The WiFi Genocide (The Institute for Geopathology, South Africa)

United Federation of Teachers (USA)

WiFi Free Schools (Germany)

WiFi in Schools (Australia)

WiFi in Schools (UK)

Wired Child (UK)

Wireless Education Action (USA)

Wireless Education: Safe Schools, Health Workplaces (International)

Stop Wireless 'Smart' Meter websites

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (Facebook)

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC (Canada)

Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters (US, Maine)

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness (Chicago)

People Power Victoria (Australia, Victoria)

Stop Smart Meters (Australia)

Stop Smart Meters (Canada, BC)

Stop Smart Meters (Ireland)

Stop Smart Meters Tasmania (Tasmania)

Stop Smart Meters UK (UK)

Stop Smart Meters! (USA, California)

Stop Smart Meters (USA, California: database of Stop Smart Meter websites)

Take Back Your Power (film, research)

Take Back Your Power (links to groups)


Jennifer Jensen: "Hilary Clinton heckler come forward, explains why he did it"  (10 News, October 13th 2014, 2 mins, about Kevin Mottus who wanted national attention that "wireless classrooms are causing cancer" and President Clinton's 1996 Telecoms Act makes it "illegal for localities to talk about health and safety from cell towers")

"Father held in psychiatric unit for protesting against wi-fi in his children's school" (What Doctors Don't Tell You, September 18th 2014)

cellphone tower protest, Sutton Coldfield, England (Sunday Telegraph, 2003)

tank protester (2014, 5 mins)

Appeals, Declarations and Resolutions

American Academy of Pediatrics (2013)

Appeal to the Pope (2016)

Benevento Resolution (2006)

Brussels Declaration (2015)

Californian Medical Association (2014)

France: Colloquium at the National Assembly (2016)

International EMF Scientist (2015) 

Paris, 5th Congress (2015)

Salzburg Resolution (2002)

Venice Resolution (2008)

Vienna Resolution (1998)



Radiation-free locations

Radiation-free locations, housing, schools, motels etc

Biological and Health-Effects Safety Limits

Bioinitiative 2012: Public Health Policy Recommendations

Building Biology (2008)

EUROPAEM 2016 (text) (tables)

Seletun (2010)

    See also:  Safety Limits

Pro-industry Regulators still using mainly Heating Limits
(as opposed to Biological and Health-Effects Safety Limits)

Control of EMFs at Work Regulations 2016 (UK, HSE) Guide to Control of EMFs at Work Regulations 2016 (UK, HSE, 2016)

FCC (USA, 1996)

ICNIRP 1998 (World Health Organization: private agency)

Radiation Protection Standard 3 (Australia, Arpansa, 2002)

Safety Code 6 (Canada, 2015)

    See also:  Safety Limits

                      Viewpoints on EHS: WHO, ICNIRP, FCC

Facebook: Electrosensitivity

Electro-sensitivity Forum... (Linnet Workman)